Review Timer Job Definition - "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object"

Hi All,

Recently had a problem in SharePoint 2013 after rebuilding the Search service application. The timer job for 'CreateStoreRebalancerJobDefinition' had broken and was causing the Review Timer Job page to error with "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" error.

The resolution was from:

  • Get-SPTimerJob | out-file –filepath “c:\timerjobs.txt”
  • http://myserver:55555/_admin/ServiceJobDefinitions.aspx – Does not display
  • Get-SPTimerJob | where {$_.displayname -like “”} | fl | out-file –filepath “c:\timerjobs.txt”
    (Creates the txt file with the jobs that do not work)
  • Get-SPTimerJob | where { $ -like “*job name” } |ft id,name
    (Not really needed, as text file above will display thiws, simply copy/paste into line below the job id number.)
  • $job = Get-SPTimerJob -id putidenumberhere
  • $job.Delete()
  • Pretty swift, fixed the issue.

  • Source:


    1. Get the faulty job ID by using the powershell command
      Get-SPTimerJob | ? { $_.DisplayName -eq $null }| select name, Id

      Then delete the job using th ebelow powershell command
      $job = Get-SPTimerJob -id

    2. As I read the blog I felt a pull on the heartstrings.


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