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Simple Script to return Table from CSV in Oracle

That's T-SQL a 'select ... where @tablevar' can be over int or string. But in Oracle the IN will only work over number values, thus we must cast TO_NUMBER. That was fun =). SELECT TO_NUMBER(column_value) FROM XMLTABLE(<csv_string>)

Migrate from SQL Server to Oracle in .NET using Devart

Steps to migrate from SQL Server to Oracle for Shuts Project. 1.       Download and install Oracle Database 11g – Personal Edition – this edition offers the full feature set of Enterprise Edition and is targeted for development/staging. 2.       Download and install JDK 7. 3.       Upgrade the SQL Developer from 2.x to 4.       Launch SQL Developer and use the Migration workbench to capture an external database. a.       Click tools -> migration -> Create database capture scripts 5.       Copy the capture scripts to the target server. Execute OMWB_OFFLINE_CAPTURE.BAT and pass in parameters for username/password and target db. rem   %1 DBA login id rem   %2 password rem   %3 database name rem   %4 database server name 6.       Copy output of capture Oracle server. 7.       Create a new oracle database ‘orclshuts’ using the Data Configuration Assistant. 8.       Create a new oracle database ‘repo’ using the Data Configuration A

SharePoint Set Locale Region on All Web Applications and Site Collections

A quick script works on both SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Make sure to update en-AU to the target locale you are after =). Enjoy! [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SharePoint") $farm = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFarm]::Local $websvcs = $farm.Services | ? -FilterScript {$_.GetType() -eq [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]} $webapps = @() foreach ($websvc in $websvcs) { $NewLocale = "en-AU" foreach ($webApp in $websvc.WebApplications) { foreach ($site in $webApp.Sites) { Write-Host "Updating Site -" $site -ForegroundColor "Green"       $Webs = $site.AllWebs ForEach ($Web In $Webs) {    If ($Web.locale -ne $NewLocale)    {       Write-Host $Web.title "- " -NoNewLine; Write-Host "changing from" $Web.locale "to" $NewLocale -ForegroundColor "Green"       $Web.Locale = $NewLocale       $Web.Update()       $Web.Dispose()    }    Else { Write-Host $Web.title &qu