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Simple Script to return Table from CSV in Oracle

That's T-SQL a 'select ... where @tablevar' can be over int or string. But in Oracle the IN will only work over number values, thus we must cast TO_NUMBER. That was fun =). SELECT TO_NUMBER(column_value) FROM XMLTABLE(<csv_string>)

Migrate from SQL Server to Oracle in .NET using Devart

Steps to migrate from SQL Server to Oracle for Shuts Project. 1.       Download and install Oracle Database 11g – Personal Edition – this edition offers the full feature set of Enterprise Edition and is targeted for development/staging. 2.       Download and install JDK 7. 3.       Upgrade the SQL Developer from 2.x to 4.       Launch SQL Developer and use the Migration workbench to capture an external database. a.       Click tools -> migration -> Create database capture scripts 5.       Copy the capture scripts to the target server. Execute OMWB_OFFLINE_CAPTURE.BAT and pass in parameters for username/password and target db. rem   %1 DBA login id rem   %2 password rem   %3 database name rem   %4 database server name 6.       Copy output of capture Oracle server. 7.       Create a new oracle database ‘orclshuts’ using the Data Configuration Assistant. 8.       Create a new oracle database ‘repo’ using the Data Configuration A

SharePoint Set Locale Region on All Web Applications and Site Collections

A quick script works on both SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Make sure to update en-AU to the target locale you are after =). Enjoy! [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SharePoint") $farm = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFarm]::Local $websvcs = $farm.Services | ? -FilterScript {$_.GetType() -eq [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]} $webapps = @() foreach ($websvc in $websvcs) { $NewLocale = "en-AU" foreach ($webApp in $websvc.WebApplications) { foreach ($site in $webApp.Sites) { Write-Host "Updating Site -" $site -ForegroundColor "Green"       $Webs = $site.AllWebs ForEach ($Web In $Webs) {    If ($Web.locale -ne $NewLocale)    {       Write-Host $Web.title "- " -NoNewLine; Write-Host "changing from" $Web.locale "to" $NewLocale -ForegroundColor "Green"       $Web.Locale = $NewLocale       $Web.Update()       $Web.Dispose()    }    Else { Write-Host $Web.title &qu

SharePoint 2013 SSRS Integrated Mode Installation Issues

Installing SPS 2013 isn't a very smooth a matter of fact neither was 2010 in the early days. But that said, it isn't too difficult to get by using PowerShell to correct or instantiate missing service applications. I've found that SSRS integration is a major pain in the butt. PowerPivot will install fine, with almost any edition and has an advanced configuration tool that report's accurately what is missing. SSRS is just a shot in the may not work and the error if you get one will be obscure. There were enough got-ya's that writing this post became a must. This post led me to create this article: The SQL Server 2012 SP1 installation media is broken and only installs RTM . You will need to install the SharePoint Reporting Services add-in for Service Pack 1 from Microsoft and