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Install/Migrate a New SharePoint Farm 2010 "Got Ya's"

This is a short-sweet post of the problems we experienced when reinstalling our SharePoint Farm, we've all setup SharePoint 2010 locally as a single server SharePoint farm, with no glitches or hiccups from the automated installer. But when installing SharePoint on a 4 server farm we had some hiccups that I thought I might jot down for future reference and anyone else who has the luxury of running into some of these issues:

Some prerequisites we had setup from our previous farm:
1. An instance of SQL Server running and db_owner role by our domain "SPSetup" account.
2. 4 VM's excluding the database server running WIN2k8 R2 with "SPSetup" having full access on those too.
3. A seperate "Svcspfarm" account with less access to the rest of the network =), (refer to msdn for better articles on permission setups we had ours configured by Hewlett-Packard).
4. Experience installing SharePoint, there are plenty of A,B,C guides on installing so I won't cover that here, just some issues and resolutions.

The issues
1. A simple but strange issue some machines without User Access Control would not prompt to reboot after installing SharePoint or service application. I suggest after each of these you simply restart the server. Espicially restart after running the Product Configuration wizard.
2. The Managed Meta Data Service needed to be started manually using Central Administration, some service applications will start straight away others won't, this is one.
3. Identity Manager, our Managed Service Account needed more permissions on Active Directory. Our "SPSetup" account did not have sufficient permissions to access AD properly. Fortunately the svcspfarm account did.
4. ***** User Profile Service was impossible to setup via "Central Administration" with all sorts of errors. Setting it up via PowerShell resulted in no hiccups!?! Just a big warning for everyone that there is a difference and some additional parameters resulted in no errors when done through powershell.

That's it. We we're ready to spend the whole weekend but 6 hours later we had a running SharePoint farm with all old packages reinstalled and 2GB site collection backups restored.


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